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Here at Hubler Honda we offer battery brands you can trust and a full-service facility you can count on. Visit our dealership serving Seymour and Greenwood, IN where you'll find our staff of professional certified technicians. We want to ensure that your battery life lasts a long time! You can ensure the longevity of your battery by a great deal when you take your vehicle to our team for diagnostics, jump-starts, and more. We are your partner in all things service-related. Don't wait, stop by and visit our team near Greenwood, IN today!

How To Spot A Dying Battery

Besides the obvious, there are multiple ways for you to spot a dying battery. Whether your vehicle has recently been suffering from dimming headlights when the air conditioning turns on or has needed numerous jump-starts, we are here to help! Most people don't realize that the above mentioned are warning signs of a feigning battery. You can protect your battery life by bringing in your vehicle for servicing upon seeing these issues or by completing a simple battery check. Here's how you perform a basic battery check on your Honda vehicle with a voltmeter:

  1. Turn off your ignition.
  2. Remove your battery's positive terminal cover to check and clean terminals.
  3. The positive lead on a voltmeter is generally red. Connect your voltmeter's positive lead to your battery's positive terminal.
  4. Then fasten the negative voltmeter lead to the negative battery terminal.
  5. Check your voltmeter. A battery in good condition will be between 12.4 and 12.7 volts. Any reading lower than 12.4 volts could mean that your battery life is draining.

Key points to remember: If you see the exact voltage of 12.2 volts, you should slow charge the battery and check again to be sure. If your voltage is 12.9 volts, your alternator might be overcharging the battery. Turn on your vehicle's high beams to remove the disproportionate voltage surface charge.

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Our team will be happy to run a quick diagnostic to see what we can do to keep your vehicle’s battery running smoothly. Don't wait, browse our user-friendly website and see what service and parts specials we current have available. Who knows, maybe you can take advantage of a new battery special near Greenwood, IN? It all starts with a quick browse through Hubler Honda's website. If you have pressing questions regarding your current battery or want to know what specific brands we have in stock, call our team now! We cannot wait to help you.