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Service your vehicle's brakes today when you bring your new or used car in to Hubler Honda's service department. Our certified technicians are dedicated to providing drivers like you with the right components to set you up for success. We work with genuine automotive parts so that when we perform something like a brake service, it's done right. You should count on the team here at Hubler Honda. Everything we do is in your vehicle's best interest.

The Importance Of Your Vehicle's Brakes

Most of us drive. We've all had those moments where our brakes were the only thing that stopped a terrifying crash. We want to warrant that your vehicle is always in pristine condition, especially components that directly contribute to your safety. Whether you're driving a Honda car, truck, or SUV, we want to ensure that your brakes are up to speed. Don't wait to get your brakes checked. Here at Hubler Honda, we make sure that every service experience is speedy and efficient. You can get your preventative maintenance right here in Taylorsville, IN.

Helpful Honda Tips & Tricks

If you're unsure about the health of your vehicle and would like to check it out first before seeing a professional, there are few at-home diagnostics you can do. For instance, many are not aware of what the penny test is. For your tire tread check, one can insert a penny into a tire's tread groove. Make sure that Lincoln's head is upside down and facing you when you insert it. If all of Lincoln's head is visible, that means that your tread depth is less than 2/32-inches, which means it is time for a tire replacement. As for brakes, here are some signs that you may need new ones:

  1. Responsiveness: If your pedal frequently sinks toward the floor, this could indicate a leak in your vehicle's braking system. Another sign of a leak such as this is a small puddle of fluid left behind when your car is parked. Brake fluid looks similar to fresh motor oil. However, its texture is slimy.
  2. Pulling: If your vehicle tends to pull to one side when you are braking, your brake lining may be wearing unevenly.
  3. Vibrating:If your pedal is vibrating, it may be due to warped rotors. Warped rotors happen when your vehicle is forced to brake for an extended amount of time, like on a steep incline or when being towed. The vibration takes place when the brake pads cannot evenly grip the surface.
  4. Grinding: Loud noises usually mean that your rotors are extremely worn and need replacement. When the disc and the caliper brush against each other, you get a horrendous grinding noise. This problem will in turn scratch the rotors, causing their surface to erode.

Schedule Brake Services Near Greenwood, IN Now

When was the last time a certified automotive tech inspected your brakes? If you're scratching your head, it's time to bring your vehicle in. Here at Hubler Honda, we make it super easy to schedule routine maintenance requests. Book your service online with our team, or you can call our Service Department directly, and one of our service advisors will gladly set up an appointment for you. Don't wait – we can't wait to help you!